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I’ve been a plumber in Sonoma County for over 12 years. I’m grateful to have been introduced to the trades at a very young age. At age 31 I’m proud to bring a new Idea to an old trade.

I promise to be clean, honest, trustworthy, and on time. In my early years as a plumber I was trained by the best of the best. They brought these ideas to light and did their best to instill their ideas, but I have yet worked for a company that I can be proud of from top to bottom.

Owning my own business has allowed me to be able to polish my skills and become the leader in my craft, evolving the trade to suit today’s homeowner and local businesses.

I feel very sincere about the fact that what I share with my customers on a professional level far exceeds any of my fellow service companies. I understand that it is different today than it was many years ago, that you can’t just let any “Joe the plumber” into your home. I pride myself in fulfilling every aspect of the word “service.”

I promise to be the cleanest plumber you’ve ever had in your home. Every time I come to your home I will assess the job and educate you in making the best decision possible in any given situation. From accomplishing repairs to installing replacements, you will be given an honest price upfront. I will give you all options and go over any questions you may have.

All the work that is done is guaranteed. I use rugs and shoe covers to protect your home and always clean up my work area when I’m done with the job. If I get muddy or dirty on a job prior to yours, don’t worry, I have a change of clothes in my truck at all times. I take great pride in my overall health and appearance so that you wont feel uncomfortable with me in your home or embarrassed to have me in your place of business.

I have a very young family and dedicate all my hard work and success to them. I plan on supporting them and my community forever.


Dominic Capito

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